4th stop: Hibiki Sushi and Bar

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Some people travel far to visit family or theme parks like Legoland. But me? I travel an adequate amount of time for food. And if you’re like me, so do you.

I’m all for eating close to home and saving on gas, but sometimes the food is just too good. And next thing you know, you need to fill up on gas.

Far away in the mountains of Santa Clarita, you’ll find a Japanese restaurant with the ability to make you regret never finding this place earlier. On the corner of Soledad Canyon Road and Shangri-La Drive, Hibiki Sushi and Bar is wowing nearby residents as well as this Angelino.

Now, how I came about this place? I don’t actually remember. Maybe I yelped it, who knows. But I remember feeling tired and hungry after a long day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. So as I’m scrolling through a sea of food possibilities, I see “ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI” and my stomach starts growling in agreement with my decision to go there. The place is a little hidden, but a quick right turn onto Shangri-La Drive and you’re good.

When visiting a restaurant, the most important factor is that they serve good food. Second, the atmosphere. This restaurant seemed so alive with their music playing and the sounds of families talking amongst each other that I instantly had a good feeling about it. They even decorated the place with a touch of Asian style to give customers an experience of being in Japan. And lastly, the service.

Obviously, after a long day of walking and working up an appetite, I decided to go with the “all you can eat” offer. You know, I wanted to get my money’s worth. Some people can say that 20 dollars is too much, but, when two plates of sushi cost 10 dollars each, you’ll slowly realize it’s a great offer. Especially, since the offer also includes the majority of items on the menu, not just sushi. For those who don’t like raw fish, they have noodles, soup, rice, etc., so you’ll definitely enjoy the perks of their offer. And for all my beer connoisseurs, they also have an “all you can drink” offer.

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Photos are by the author.

So, when ordering off the menu, they actually give you a paper with all the items. You then can pick and choose which items you want by placing a tally mark next to the item. I went crazy, and placed a tally mark on a couple items. And no, I didn’t finish it all…I wish, though.

What was ordered:

The lobster roll

The kirin roll

The volacano roll

The vegas roll

The spicy tuna tempura roll

Vegetable tempura

Miso soup


And to save a little money, we ordered waters. Ironic, right?

Let me just say, I love sushi. My parents? Not so much. So when they decided they loved the food, I knew it was legit. Hibiki has uniqueness down to a science, because deep fried rolls? Come on. It’s like they knew my obsession with deep fried food. You can catch their other unique items on their website menu.


My mom enjoying some miso soup, photo by author

The miso soup, edamame and vegetable tempura are staples in the Asian cuisine food industry. So, yeah, it was good. Nothing new here.

If you’re trying sushi for the first time, I probably would recommend you try their basic rolls. Just to test the waters first. But if you consider yourself an advanced sushi taster, these are the rolls for you.

The volcano and lobster rolls are very similar to each other. For instance, they both have sushi placed in the shape of a circle rather than a horizontal or vertical line. Also, they have additional seafood placed strategically on top. The lobster roll has cooked baby lobster with cheese on top and the volcano roll has baked seafood on top with cheese and eel sauce drizzled all over. In other words, it was greatness on a plate.


Lobster roll, photo by author

The kirin roll included two of my favorite food items: avocado and eel. But, it also included crabmeat and fried shrimp. The eel was done to perfection with its soft, chicken-like taste.


Vegas roll, photo by author

However, my favorite roll was the vegas roll. It had crabmeat, cream cheese, tuna, salmon, white fish and albacore. I thought the combination of different raw fish was enticing. The creaminess of the cream cheese complimented the soft-like texture of the salmon perfectly. Also, since it was tempura, which is often at times crunchy, it was as if you were biting into a crunchy shell filled with gooey goodness.


Spicy tuna tempura roll, photo by author

Lastly, the spicy tuna roll. I won’t go into detail since I DO NOT like spicy tuna. And like my mom has always said. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.

Sadly, there is only one Hibiki restaurant. Here’s to hoping they open one in Los Angeles so we can go as often as we’d like and not run out of gas.

Also, in other sad-related news. This is my last blog post on different restaurants, but think of it as a blessing in disguise! You’ll be saving money which is a goal we all should have. This is a graph of how much people spend on restaurants every year. You can thank me later.


source: statista.com


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